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Best feeling in the world to get a text message like this ūüėć (Taken with Instagram)

Taking that extra step in my relationship right now that I’m not even ready for :/

I’m sorry.

I just.. miss you. Quite terribly actually.

I’m the type of girlfriend

that gets so jealous that I end up getting mad because I’m stupid.

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you + me = sex 
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This is the love of my life. We argue, we playfully fight, we make fun of each other, we laugh, we do stupid things, we play video games together, we pretty much do everything together. I first saw him in school when he first got here, we didn’t talk, and I wish we did, but we didn’t talk until November because that’s when he needed someone. Someone who would be there for him. And I just so happened to be there. I’m glad I was because I started to like him. And eventually months later I started falling for him. And now, 5 months later I wouldn’t be where I’m at without him. He’s helped me throughout my senior year when I almost gave up on myself but no. He was there, pushing me to do my best. He had faith in me when I didn’t even have faith in myself. This boy, oh lawd. He’s the absolute best. His family is my family. And I feel so welcomed and loved by them. It’s amazing. I’ve never felt like this. Ever. He just left me today. For Texas. I’ll eventually be with him months down the line. And I can’t wait to start my life with him. This is the biggest test of our relationship. If we get through this, then we can get through EVERYTHING. I love you, Marshall Mitchell Lothery THE THIRD. (lol) and I will never stop loving you. I promise to commit my life to you.  And only you.
I’m just… really scared now.

Please forgive me. You’re making all these plans now and I’m just stuck here, pouting because you won’t be with me. Oh well. I can’t hold you back. :/¬†

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Typical boyfriend/girlfriend thing. 
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I love him. oh so much. Even when he doesn’t want to take pictures with me. :c
I like being someone’s first, for anything.

It feels good to know that they’ve never done that something with anyone else, or you’re the first to make them do something. you know?¬†

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I have a brilliant idea! :D

Every time my boyfriend calls me a bitch, whether joking around or not, he owes me a dollar. mwuaha. I could end up being rich from this (; lmao. 

You had me tremblin’,

begging for more. Mmm. I wanted to oh so badly sit on top of you and start riding you but I couldn’t. But when I get the chance to, I won’t stop riding you until we’ve both reached our climax.¬†